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White chocolate mint cream

Rachael Conlin Levy
Grandma Pat's birthday
Ivan and Grandma make a wish.

March has been a mad month for parties, what with four family birthdays and then back-to-back showers. My daughter’s enjoyed her move into the sphere of womanly delights (chocolates at brunch!) and traditions (how to make a proper bridal shower bouquet).

Kyna and Chaja
Chaja with Aunt Kyna, who’s seven months pregnant.

Bridal shower bouquet
Nana teaches Chaja how to thread ribbons through a paper plate
and make the bouquet for Aunt Molly to carry at her rehearsal. More pictures from both showers here.

I’ve enjoyed the unlimited excuses for whipping up batch after batch of white chocolate mint cream. This heavenly topping turned forgettable cupcakes into winners, and (aided by raspberries) it elevated a dense and crumbly chocolate pound cake to new heights. I’ve doubled and then tripled the recipe in hopes of setting a little aside to dress up my next cup of cocoa, but haven’t succeeded in saving a dollop.


Mint cream cupcakes

White Chocolate Mint Cream
Adapted from Smitten Kitchen

2 ounces white chocolate
3 ounces heavy whipping cream
1/8 teaspoon peppermint extract

Heat the cream in a small pot until it’s simmering. Take it off the flame. Add the white chocolate to the hot cream and let it sit for a minute or two to melt the chocolate. Whisk well. Add the peppermint. Lay a piece of plastic wrap on the surface of the cream to keep it from forming a layer of skim and chill until cold. Then beat cream with electric beaters until soft peaks form.

3 responses to “White chocolate mint cream”

  1. mochiv says:

    The mint cream was amazing! Thanks for the recipe. And thanks for a wonderful shower weekend, I loved it so so much.

  2. goodness, that sounds really yum. I love anything peppermint flavored!

  3. Andrea says:

    Mmm…yummy I'll have to try out that cream in a couple of months when I'm hit with my own "birthday season" (3 kids within 3 days of each other)!

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