Slow-Cooked Sentences

A year, reviewed

Rachael Conlin Levy
Favorite foods.

Your favorite posts this year:

  1. Caught on Chat Roulette
  2. Women hold up half the sky
  3. Hot cocoa taste test
  4. Made for TV drama
  5. Five things needed to induce sleep in a toddler
  6. Failure or alas I cannot get published
  7. My skin or my soul
  8. Icebox cupcakes
  9. Petrichor
  10. Silly soup song

My favorite slow-cooked sentences:  

  1. We are stardust, we are golden
  2. My heart, plucked
  3. Tenebrous

My favorite photo-inspired post:

Before the beginning they were brothers

My favorite readers:


The Slow-Cooked Sentence had more than 3,400 visitors this year, with more than half of them regular readers. Many of you discovered The Slow-Cooked Sentence through three other blogs, Our Seattle, Arthouse Easel and Earthy Crunchy, and I thank them for the regular referrals.

My favorite blog of 2010:

Chez Danisse authored by Denise Parsons, a writer and artist living in San Francisco. Denise knits scarves, she once raised worms and her writing is ethereal, contemplative, dreamy. I like reading it.

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